Chapter 11 Release

I have no excuse, just take it as the name of this website suggests. I’ve been lazing around playing a lot of video games and watching K-drama, anime, C-drama, and all of that stuff. Should I just release chapters in part or just release the whole chapter at once. This chapter is nine pages long according to Microsoft word (4738 words). Anyway here is the chapter finally.

Chapter 11: The Blind Girl Pleads Her Controversial Case in Court
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Surprise! Chapter 10.

This series was meant for greater things, but it was stuck here with me. It only took so long because I am such a lazy scum bag, plus I started working over the summer and school soon started and what not. Plus I was gaming…like a lot. Sorry, not really. Anyways enjoy.


Chapter 10 A Murder Case Arose, Injustice and Misfortune Upon Myself

These days Long Er suffered terrible headaches.

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Chapter Release: Three Marriage Chapter 9

So this chapter would have been released way earlier, like almost 1 week and half ago. But due to friends calling me out, family issues (lots of it), my computer being outside of my bedroom (it’s in the living room), and me being a little lazy the chapter has been delayed. On further notice, due to family issues and all the mentioned above another chapter might take a while to come out. I am translating chapters as they come. Thank you and enjoy.

Chapter 9: Forcing the Blind Girl’s Heart

Ju Mu Er heaved a sigh in her heart, as expected they are definitely husband and wife, to have asked the same question.

But regardless of whether she was worthy or unwilling to be a concubine, the important points were that Ju Mu Er will not marry. Why do they not understand that?
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Ahem ahem…

This is my attempt at translating a novel I wanted to continue reading, however it stopped. For like 6 month, so I am just translating it so I, personally, can read it. If you want to read my horrible scumbag translation then please feel free to do so. I literally am just translating for me, but since I am translating it I should share, I suppose. In any case, I am translating Three Marriage, a chinese web-novel. You can find description and initial chapters through this website:


Chapter Release: Three Marriage Chapter 8

Chapter 8 Temporary Truce with the Unexpected Visitor

Long Er battle with Ju Mu Er starts now.
Long Er won’t admit to the fact that these perturbation he was feeling were his own fault, because he believes his very minor “discipline” was in no way serious. He was just worry for her because she is a girl, so he never really faced her seriously like he would with other men. Or else she, a tiny blind girl, would simply be destroyed by one of Long Er’s finger.
But he would never use such method to deal with her.
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